Russell HBD is committed to providing a SAFE and HEALTHY workplace for all employees, subcontractors, guests, and neighbors.

Russell HBD creates an environment free of injury, illness, lost workdays and preventable endangerment’s.  Our management, office and field personnel are committed to perform all work in a secure manner through the following on-site and corporate safety programs:

Safety Manual

We distribute an in-depth manual with all pertinent federal, state and local safety regulations, as well as our company policies and procedures, to every Russell HBD superintendent.  We also provide a current copy of the OSHA Guide to utilize as an on-site reference.  All employees are authorized and expected to stop work at any time when a work activity is being performed in an unsafe or improper manner.

An Aggressive Drug and Alcohol/Substance Abuse Policy

Russell HBD enforces strict outlines for drug and alcohol testing.  All employees are screened in three areas:  pre-employment, post-accident and random spot checking through the use of an independent testing agency to ensure a drug free staff.

Efficient Back-To-Work Policies

Even though we strive for complete worksite safety, accidents sometimes occur.  When that happens, Russell HBD seeks to find duties to fit the restrictions of the injured workers to get them back to work without, or with limited, lost time.  Russell HBD is only as strong as our employees; therefore, we answer their commitment to our organization by committing to keeping them working.

Safety Audits by HBD and Our Insurance Carrier

The Russell HBD Safety Director and our insurance carrier’s site specialist randomly tour jobs to review in-practice procedures and suggest ways to improve performance and safety.  Frequent Safety Education Courses through the Associated General Contractors of St. Louis (AGC) provides continuing education classes on First Aid/CPR, as well as competent person training on excavations, scaffold, fall protection, and confined work space.  All of our job sites must obtain OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour training, and training on a number of related topics.

Monthly AGC Safety Van Visits

Once a month, the AGC visits our larger sites and speaks to all employees and subcontractors present. Discussions range from basic safety issues to topical issues for upcoming procedures on that site. These visits aim to ensure all workers are aware of potential hazards or issues and how to prevent them.

Fleet Vehicle Program, Including Monitoring

Russell HBD provides vehicles to our key field supervisory personnel. To insure proper use, we established guidelines for all vehicles and employees are expected to follow the guidelines provided.

Weekly on-site safety

Each month, all field supervisors receive weekly outlines for safety topics. Typically, on Friday afternoons at 3:00 p.m., the crews assemble to discuss the week’s topic and review any special issues they feel need to be addressed.

Russell HBD works together to achieve our safety goals and feel these programs keep us focused on safety as a way of life, just like the focus we provide for production and quality.