Our Commitment to Diversity

MayorSlayAPruittRBurkMPerry2_2800-1024x682Russell HBD is an equal opportunity contractor, builder, employer and purchaser of goods and services.

We believe diversity in the workplace and marketplace are key components to the success of our community. It is our desire to provide meaningful opportunities for minority-owned business enterprises (MBE) and women-owned business enterprises (WBE) to participate in the construction projects we complete for our clients.

Russell HBD encourages business proposals from diverse suppliers offering products and services in support of our administrative, maintenance, information technology, marketing and other corporate functions. Russell HBD strongly encourages firms to include MBE/WBE in their contracting and purchasing plans. In addition, all firms with which we work are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to diversity through the inclusion of minority and women employees and apprentices in their workforce.